Udalsarea 2030 is the Basque Sustainable Municipalities Network, which aims to promote local sustainability and coordination between the different levels of public administration in the Basque Country – the Basque Government, public institutions, provincial and county councils and municipalities – with a special role for the latter. In particular, it is responsible for promoting the sustainability policies and action plans of the local entities that make it up, always in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ihobe, the Basque Government’s public company for environmental management, has been the technical secretariat of Udalsarea 2030 since the creation of the Basque Sustainable Municipalities Network in 2002. Another of Ihobe’s main instruments for supporting local and supra-municipal entities in the dynamisation of sustainability policies and action plans is the Basque Country Green Procurement and Contracting Programme 2030 (CCPV 2030).

Ihobe has the technical support of Naider in its work as the technical secretariat of Udalsarea 2030 and the CCPV 2030. In order to fulfil this role, Naider supports the dynamisation of the Technical Committee and the Commission for the Coordination and Promotion of Sustainable Local Action, both network management bodies, as well as the coordination and monitoring of the Udalsarea 2030 Strategic Plan (2022-2025) and the Udalsarea 2030 Management Plan (2022-2023). Ihobe is also supported in the implementation of the actions it leads within the framework of the network’s Strategic Plan 2025, as well as in the promotion of the CCPV 20230 2030 programme among the municipalities and counties of the Basque Country.