Naider asiste a Oarsoaldea Garapen Agentzia en la articulación de la red de equipamientos conectados de la comarca para el desarrollo de proyectos de capacitación.

Within the framework of the BERPIZTU programme for the Economic Reactivation and Employment of the Basque Country (2020-2024) and in line with the actions included in the Regional Strategic Plan 2017-2025, various projects are being developed in the Oarsoaldea, including Habian Berrikuntza Gunea and the Socio-labour Insertion Pole. The implementation of these two strategic projects will involve the implementation of new infrastructures and assets, including learning laboratories for the development of skills in cybersecurity, electromobility and health, and the centre for experimentation and innovation for employment, labour and social integration. These new infrastructures, together with other existing infrastructures linked to other areas also relevant to the region, such as the blue economy, the food industry and the cultural and creative industries, will represent a great opportunity for the development of training projects.

In this context, where these new infrastructures will be available alongside other existing ones, Ikas Faktoria has been created. This initiative will become a training space where the training, business and institutional spheres will converge to promote employment among the people of the Oarsoaldea region, as well as taking advantage of opportunities and responding to the needs of the business fabric. In line with the “active learning facilities” training model, Ikas Faktoria is conceived as a competitive benchmark for developing the right skills and abilities to work with different current and future technologies in business processes. This model is based on the resolution of challenges and problems, active training and “learning by doing” training.

Ikas Faktoria, in turn, is conceived as a network of connected facilities to which new facilities, both public and from companies in the region, can be incorporated around different specialisations of interest to help the unemployed, entrepreneurs and the business fabric as a whole on the path to competitiveness in order to sustain their activity and jobs.