Naider provides technical assistance to Lekeitio Town Council for the naturalisation, environmental revitalisation and revaluation of the site occupied by the former Maderas de Lekeitio.

Located in a privileged enclave, the project focuses on the promotion as a local opportunity of a peri-urban space, currently polluted by the intensive work of the timber industry, renaturalising it through Nature-based solutions. The aim is to recover a degraded environment for the use and enjoyment of the citizens, while combating the loss of biodiversity and promoting the conservation and enhancement of the natural capital and ecosystem services of the area.

Based on the development of the technical explanatory report, the collaboration with Naider has included a series of activities for the characterisation and diagnosis of the space, as well as the proposal of options for renaturalisation. The proposed alternatives have been contrasted with the citizens and relevant agents of the municipality of Lekeitio to determine the uses.

As a result of the work, a preliminary draft of opportunities for the comprehensive recovery of the area has been drawn up.