Naider has a long history of collaboration with the Strategic Plan Civil Association of Ciudad Juárez (Mexico). Once its Strategic Plan was finalized, Ciudad Juárez faced the great challenge of promoting and making the proposed projects a reality. This process required great strategic capacity and long-term vision to articulate and mobilize the essential social leadership so that the community of Juarez could focus its actions in the desired direction.

Over the years, Naider has worked very closely with the Juárez Strategic Plan Civil Association, providing methodology for the practical formulation and subsequent development and monitoring of emblematic projects in the city, helping and advising on the establishment of prioritization guidelines and action keys. Likewise, it was accompanied in the formulation of actions and launching of actions aimed at the construction of social capital of which the “Juárez Avanza Fair” developed during 2006 is a good example.

For its part, the Pact for the Governance of Ciudad Juárez was an advisory and support project for the city’s Strategic Plan Civil Association in a process of social agreement that sought to lay the foundations to unite the necessary wills so that the strategic change that was intended in the city became a reality. “Governance” meant creating consensus or obtaining the necessary consent or acquiescence to carry out a program, in a setting where diverse interests were at stake.

Between 2010 and 2011 Naider was supporting the design of the Ciudad Juárez Indicator System (SICIJ) that would serve to monitor the evolution of the Strategic Plan and the evolution of the city itself. In this sense, Naider provided support in carrying out the structural monitoring of the “Juárez that we want” that defines the vision and model of the city, defining a panel of indicators that measure progress in each of the strategic axes, their respective sub-strategies and the transversal policies.

This system of indicators became a social reference to understand the evolution of the city, the degree of progress on its great challenges and an element of reflection and activation of the critical spirit and the commitment of authorities, citizens and organizations to advance towards a greater social development of the city. More information:“Así está Juárez” websitePlan Juárez (website)

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