Naider has been a participant throughout his years in the configuration by successive governments of one of the most active policies to combat climate change in Europe.

In this sense, the Department of the Environment, Territorial Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government has been mobilizing and coordinating a series of actions and projects that, as a whole, make up the climate change strategy of the Basque Country. In this process, Naider has been providing expert advice on climate change on a continuous basis through various tenders and procedures.

During this time, Naider has contributed to the execution and deployment of initiatives. Among them, the assessment of the costs of climate change in the Basque Country or singular elements such as the formulation of the Climate Change Law of the Basque Country or the carbon budgets.

In turn, Naider has collaborated in preparing the Department’s work meetings at the highest institutional level, has prepared expert reports on international trends in the matter and provided a permanent information and alert service on the latest developments in international climate change policy. that could affect the Basque Country.

Draft of the Basque Climate Change Law

Organizer NAIDER