On June 7th, a large group of companies and those responsible for the technological-industrial development of the Gipuzkoan region of Oarsoaldea. The reason: to analyze the possibilities offered by the new competitive paradigms and the new industrial opportunities around Industry 4.0.

We had the opportunity to contrast a good number of initiatives that are being articulated in the region and we also got to know first-hand very outstanding solutions from companies in the region. From NAIDER we present the bases on which the start-up of a pole of innovation and business development is being established that reinforces the technological and industrial capacities of Oarsoaldea.

The project is an initiative promoted by the Oarsoaldea Regional Development Agency, one of the most active development agencies in our area. It has the support of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council within the framework of its Etorkizuna Eraikiz strategy to promote economic and business opportunities in the Territory.

The innovation hub OARSOALDEA BERRIKUNTZA GUNEA is structured around three lines of work:

  • OARSOALDEA HUB. A set of activities, services and training, dissemination and revitalization proposals to “shake up” the business fabric of the region and bring out all the opportunities presented by companies.
  • OARSOALDEA FAB. It develops the figure of Collaborative Experimentation Laboratories as support facilities for business development and the articulation of new business initiatives in sectorial and technological fields of special relevance.
  • OARSOALDEA VENTURES. It is the proposal for the articulation of a Platform for the Acceleration of Business Projects with the vocation of intervening in nascent business projects that have a global vocation and traction capacity. The objective is to size them and place them in the global market of opportunities through financing in order to address the necessary investments and competitive management capacity.

To find out about any aspect of the project, all you have to do is contact us or the Oarsoaldea Garapen Agentzia itself. We take this opportunity to congratulate Beatriz Brosa, Aitziber Larrarte and the rest of the agency team for the brilliant day. We feel very comfortable in an environment so committed to its own future. Eskerrik asko!