Eco-innovation is taking shape in the Basque Country as a vector of strategic change, and decisive steps are being taken in the public and private spheres to effectively take advantage of all its potential. Naider has participated in many of these processes.

On the one hand, Innobasque, a public-private organization that promotes Innovation in the Basque Country, with the technical support of Naider, launched a dynamic on how to transform the Basque Country into a society with low energy and resource consumption, which maintains the quality of life of its citizens, and help improve the competitiveness of its companies, taking advantage of the new business opportunities associated with what is called the Green Economy, and promoting and deploying projects that contribute to making said transformation a reality.

In addition to the complex and advanced environmental support system, firm progress is being made in the Basque Country to consolidate different thematic innovation communities in which the agents that comprise them are aligned towards environmental improvement in our surroundings. Taking this context into account, Naider prepared a document for IHOBE (the Basque Environmental Agency) presenting the Innovation E-communities of the Basque Country, reflecting their scientific and technological capacities, the companies involved, and the social and institutional framework that bear.

In this way, the potential that these Eco-Communities present to favor the transition towards sustainability and their willingness to contribute knowledge to the rest of the international agents involved in the eco-innovative process was revealed, offering their capacities to all those entities, both public and private, who want to share common projects with the Basque Country aimed at improving the environment as a key factor of competitiveness.

Ecomuinities in the Basque Country (web)

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