The G+20 process has been an exercise in territorial reflection promoted by the Strategic Office of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) and aimed at defining a long-term strategy that would serve to generate a dynamic of proactive action towards the future from and for the social and economic fabric of Gipuzkoa, including its institutional network.
The Gipuzkoa 2020-2030 Strategy analyzes the mega-trends that condition the future evolution of the territory of Gipuzkoa and establishes the necessary transformations that are proposed by the Office to Gipuzkoan society and its public and private agents to face the next two decades.
Naider’s role in this important project includes technical assistance for the general coordination of the process in its initial phases of design and launch, as well as in its subsequent development and socialization.
In the first place, a map of the G+20 process was prepared with a detailed schedule of processes and tasks, as well as the preparation of the basic documents necessary for the launch.
Secondly, the general coordination of the G+20 process was articulated, ensuring that all the tasks, milestones, events, presentation acts, conferences, preparation of documents, creation of commissions, were developed adequately in the expected times.
Thirdly, Naider was responsible for ensuring the coherence of the content generated in different supports and documents, as well as planning, guiding and contributing the content for the supports and formats in which the G+ process was informed, communicated and socialized. twenty.
In addition to carrying out the work related to the work of the technical secretariat and coordination of the process, Naider has written the final result of this process.
Territorial Strategy of Gipuzkoa (pdf)

Organizer NAIDER