NAIDER has an intense historical presence in European projects related to the construction of a green economy in Europe. These actions are all carried out in collaboration with a number of select socio-economic research institutes and consultancy companies specializing in the environment and the fight against climate change. Some of the most significant actions over the years are the following:

Role of regions and cities in green competitiveness. In a European initiative, promoted this time by the Committee of the Regions, Naider analyzed the role of regional and local agents in the implementation of the Lisbon Growth Strategy in the fields of sustainable development. The conclusions of the study, which involved more than 60 participants, were shared with the Committee of the Regions of the European Union for transfer to the European regional authorities, as well as to the Union’s own institutions.
Review of VAT Tax Rates to promote changes in consumption and innovation towards green products. Analysis of the impact of changes in the VAT rates of specific products on their sales, on energy consumption over time and on the development of product characteristics.< /a>
State aid application mechanism for eco-innovation. Financial incentives (grants) can be useful to help promote Eco-innovation. The ‘bonus’ project has been drawn up to help interpret the bonus conditions and help determine when companies are eligible to receive it.
Calculation of the transition costs towards a green economy. The project identifies what are the possible benefits for Europe of moving towards a green economy and what elements can hinder Europe’s transition towards that economy, identifying lessons for industrial, regional and competitiveness policy.

Application of the Water Framework Directive (pdf) en_doc/attachments/index.pdf

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