Specialized technical support for the launch of innovative technological-business projects in the ICT industry in Andalusia in the field of electronic devices, embedded systems and electronic components.

The result has made it possible to make use of the Andalusian potential to build a limited number of realistic technological and business projects that develop lines of business that produce wealth and employment and that allow, at the same time, the diversification of the business fabric and the development of a sector of strategic importance for Andalusia such as ICTs.

To carry out this Strategic Plan, the state of the technological art was firstly analyzed, studying the present and future needs of users and markets, and identifying innovative products and services that constitute feasible business opportunities in Andalusia. In a second phase, the technological-business projects of greatest strategic interest were identified and built.

Naider participated in the entire process of identification and definition of the strategic plans in close coordination with the Andalusian Society for the Development of Telecommunications, which acted as promoter of the initiative.

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