Strategic support service for the CIEDES Foundation in its work to reorient the II Strategic Plan of the City (Málaga) in the face of the crisis and, specifically, the preparation of a report to frame the reflections derived from this reorientation in the global context (analyzing future trends) and in the current context (taking into account the current economic circumstances and the challenges they represent for strategic work in the city), also providing reference cases and examples from other cities that may be applicable as possible projects for the city of Malaga in the coming years within the framework of its strategic plan.

It basically consists of four reports in which they analyze the path taken since 2006 and make new proposals for the coming years. Most of the conclusions and proposals expressed are ratified by the results of the Perception Survey carried out by the CIEDES Foundation in the Citizen Forums. Finally, with the consensus of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, those projects that were considered a priority with respect to the set of contents in the PEM were collected.

Málaga, open metropolis (downloadable docs)