Naider supports the Basque Economic and Social Council in the preparation of several chapters and sections of the Annual Socio-Economic Report.

The drafting of an annual report with its considerations on the economic and social situation in the Basque Autonomous Community is one of the functions attributed to the Basque Economic and Social Council (CES-EGAB), a report that it is responsible for submitting to the Basque Government and the Basque Parliament. Naider provides a support service to the CES-EGAB in the preparation of several of the contents that make up the aforementioned Annual Report.

Support work is concentrated in the chapters on Employment and Labour Relations in the region, and Living Conditions and Social Protection in the region, as well as in the sections on Public Sector and Next Generation European Funds in the chapter on Economy in the region, and the section on Housing in the chapter on Quality of Life in the region.