The 2015 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTi 2015) is the programming document for the Basque Country in the field of science, technology and innovation and represents a decided support by the Basque Administration for the generation of new knowledge as instrument at the service of the economic, social, cultural and intellectual enrichment of Basque society in the European and world context.

The PCTi2015 undertakes to mobilize the necessary resources to reach 3% of R&D spending on GDP in 2015, which implies a total provision in this matter of 8,946 million euros throughout the 2011-2015 period. In addition, it is intended that the role of companies in financing R&D be increased and that they cover 62% of total spending, leaving the remaining 38% to public financing. The selected focus areas are specified in: Aging, Energy; Transport and mobility; Digital World, and the Science Industry, and also establishes a total of 9 objectives and 22 strategic lines, with their corresponding programs and instruments of action.

Naider has participated in the strategic orientation of the policy, advising, coordinating and energizing the role of the highest political and scientific-technological managers in the matter. Their participation in the preparation of this new Plan is the result of Naider‘s commitment to Science and Technology in the Basque Country that began in 2004 with the preparation of the PCTi 2010 and has continued throughout years with the strategic management of important political initiatives in science, technology and innovation. Among them, the start-up of the Cooperative Research Centers, the configuration of the Basque Science Agenda, the reformulation of the government’s role in financing the Basque Technology Centers, as well as a continuous activity of technical secretariat to the different governments that have succeeded each other in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

PCTI 2015 (pdf)

Organizer NAIDER