SCORE: Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities, funded by the call European Horizon, began in 2021 and will end in 2025. With a total of 28 partners, from Naider we co-lead the WP2 together with IHS-Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

During the four years into the project, SCORE seeks to support the adaptation to climate change of the coastal cities.

For this, it is proposed, on the one hand, to develop models of past climatic events that allow us to understand the context. On the other hand, it is expected to make projections of the current situation following the RCP8.5 climate scenario. In addition, both current and future risk will be characterized.

Starting from Based on this analysis, the project proposes the design and pilot application of Soluciones Based on the Ecosystem to bet on the adaptation of cities coastal. To this end, cost-benefit evaluations will be developed, citizen science platforms and Digital Twins of cities to monitor urban centers and be able to anticipate possible events climatic.

To implement all the solutions, the SCORE project proposes a novel and innovative methodology called Living Lab. Specifically Coastal City Living Lab, as it is only about coastal cities. This new concept proposes the creation of living laboratories that are made up of local agents that represent the public administration, private companies, academia and citizens.

Images of the first workshops in which we worked on the definition of Living Labs

From Naider we promote the creation and management of these laboratories and we facilitate strategic plans that promote the implementation of the actions to be carried out. The plans follow four consecutive phases: Definition; Idea & co-design; Prototyping and pilot; Testing and evaluation.

We will tell you about the partial results and the lessons learned from each city.