The Basque Law 1/2005 for the Prevention and Correction of Soil Contamination aims to prevent the appearance of new alterations in the soil, provide solutions to the most urgent cases and plan the resolution of inherited liabilities. To do this, it includes the land policy instruments available to the Public Administrations to make these proposals a reality. The Contaminated Soil Plan, promoted by the environmental agency of the Basque Country, IHOBE, is among those instruments.

Naider participated in its preparation, designing and executing a process that was endowed with its own management system that guaranteed the direct, proactive and effective participation of different social agents (ecologists and consumer associations), sectoral (real estate developers and construction companies; business associations; lawyers, notaries and registrars; professional associations) and institutional (Basque Government, Provincial Councils and Municipalities) of the country. It was also part of the revitalization of the process of participation of the agents in the configuration of the Plan.

Subsequently, Naider has been providing strategic support to the Department of the Environment of the Basque Government in different issues related to the management of the more than 7,000 potentially contaminated sites in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Perhaps worth noting, in this sense, is the identification and design of models and financing instruments for the contaminated soil policy or the preparation of guidelines for the design of a Contaminated Soil Fund in the Basque Country (Ihobe).

Plan for Contaminated Soils 2007-2012 (pdf)

Organizer NAIDER