PhotoA15 years ago, on January 23, 1996, it came out published my first opinion forum. It was in the newspaper El País, national edition. I remember the date well as it coincided with my birthday. A leprechaun friend gave me that gift. A detail that I sincerely appreciated. The platform was about climate change and nuclear energy, two topics that I have written about again and again over the years. During this time, various newspapers – especially El País – have published approximately 90 articles, which is an average of one article every two months. It is a reasonable average.

My aspiration has always been that each article found at least one person to whom it contributed something. I was, I am, satisfied if the effort involved in writing finds an echo in the mind and heart of a single person. If there are more, great. I have also tried to ensure that the articles stand the test of time well, that is to say that when revisiting them after a few years they could be read without falling out of hand.

On the occasion of this very personal anniversary, I thought that it might be of some interest to some readers who follow my opinion forums to present a selection of the 15 articles that I highlight in this 15-year trajectory. Needless to say, it’s a perfectly arbitrary and subjective selection, purely personal. I will add that the article to which I feel most attached is El Sol de la Medianoche, it explores more subtle perspectives.

I hope this exercise will be useful especially for those people with concerns about how environmental problems have evolved in that time. Comments are as always welcome.

  1. The Mail. The Basque Country’s message in Cancun
  2. The Mail. Positive energy, the path of renewables
  3. The Mail. An ordinary house with two cracks
  4. El País How to avoid the Africanization of Spain
  5. The Country. Breaking through the bottleneck
  6. El País. Chernobyl
  7. The Country. Environmental disaster in Galicia. Zero tolerance
  8. El País. Climate change, a threat to peace
  9. The Country. The end of the great apes
  10. The Country. The midnight sun
  11. El País. Basque Country 2020-2030. Towards the knowledge and innovation economy
  12. The Country. The Keeling Curve and Copenhagen
  13. The country. Save Jaizkibel
  14. El País. Yes to the railway Y
  15. Last Time. The Kyoto Summit on Climate change. The precautionary principle