The Basque technology center IK4-Ikerlan has developed a computer program called Home Energy Analyzer, which makes electricity consumption at home more efficient. The program, aimed at the customers of retailers in the area of ​​operation of Iberdrola Distribución, is available as a free extension of the Google Chrome browser. The tool analyzes the energy consumption data of the home, compares it with the contracted rate, and offers alternatives to spend more efficiently. The program offers tips to reduce the electricity bill by changing habits or changing the contracted rate.

In order to use the program, users must have the smart meter installed and reside in an area where the company has implemented its remote management system. At the moment the program is only available for the Chrome browser on the PC, but Ikerlan announces that it is working to make it compatible with Mac and other browsers, the next step being the development of the application for mobile phones and tablets.