Crowdfunding campaign manages to return new zealand beach infopost

A crowdfunding or crowdfunding campaign has managed to return a New Zealand beach to public use. Nearly 40,000 people have contributed up to €1.3 million to buy the pristine Awaroa beach from a private owner, and its seven hectares will become part of the Abel Tasman National Park. The transfer to public hands has taken place this July. The Government of New Zealand itself joined the campaign with a contribution of close to 230,000 euros.

The campaign, which was started last January by private citizens Duane Major and Adam Gardner fearing they would lose access to the site, went viral in the oceanic country. It should be noted that the promoters rejected the proposal of an investor who promised to buy the beach for public use, except for a part where it would have exclusive access. In any case, it is a striking example of the use of crowdfunding as an empowerment tool for the community.