Advancing in Industry 4.0 infopostThe technology corporation Tecnalia leads the European project ProSEco, whose objective is the advancement of manufacturing companies in the so-called Industry 4.0, through the contribution to the design, development and collaborative management of advanced and intelligent services. The project, with a budget of seven million euros, five of which are financed by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union, started in 2013 and will conclude in 2017, reports the SPRI. In addition to Tecnalia and technological centers and universities, companies such as Volkswagen, Electrolux or Ona are part of the consortium.

The framework of the project has resulted in the development of a collaborative management platform to enable industries to develop personalized services that improve business performance and competitive advantages. ProSEco’s focus is on the capture and exploitation of information related to the use of the machine and its context (Ambient Intelligent). The purpose of this is the creation of a new work model that makes it possible to offer better services to customers and extract usage patterns that may influence the maintenance and design of new machines.

Industry 4.0 leads to a convergence between the digital world and cutting-edge technologies with production processes, for the implementation of smart factories with greater adaptability to demand and needs, as well as a more efficient allocation of resources.