In the context of globalization and the need to bet on specialization, the Basque Government, together with the Bizkaia Provincial Council has promised the creation of an Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Center (CFA). The objective is to implement advanced manufacturing technologies so that the results can be applied immediately in industrial processes.

This center, in which 14 cow companies, two clusters and the University of the Basque Country also collaborate, will be located in the Bizkaia Technology Park and aims to be one of the levers of the future Basque economy by strengthening this industry. industrial services with high added value.

The companies that are part of this project are: ITP, Danobat, WEC Velatia, Grupo Alfa, GMTK, Ibarmia, Mesima, Metalúrgica Marina, Sikulan, LAIP, Sariki, ONA-EDM, Sandvik, we also find the Hegan and AFMy clusters and the UPV /EHU as technological agent.