safe_imageIt has been moving around for a while There is a very interesting project that we think may interest more than one of you. Acuerdo ( is a suggestive business proposal in the world of journalism. It proposes an innovative way of doing quality journalism through new narratives that take advantage of new technologies.

The proposal is transgressive in all orders. From the content point of view, doing “important journalism for pissed-off readers”, as they themselves explain, and above all due to their own financing model that combines crowdfunding initiatives for the launch of the different sections or online sales of journalistic content. Quite an admirable challenge!

We recommend you visit their page and learn about their contributions that are extremely captivating. Two projects are currently available on the web: “Populonia”, (http:/ / an interactive map of the far-right nonsense in Europe. Without waste!. The other one is called “Sbrenica”, an interactive comic only available to patrons of which we can only enjoy the video presentation (

Congratulations to your promoters and the whole team!