Another economic crisis is yet to come, this is the title of the video we shared via The Guardian. According to Ross Ashcroft (film producer , essayist and, as he describes himself, economist renegade) , the politicians, economists and bankers who supposedly saved the United Kingdom from disaster in 2008, are not rowing by any means in the right direction and leading the country straight to the same hole again. Relying on the analysis of reputable economists, the provocative Ashcroft argues that economists are not looking at the right indicators and politicians have not supported the type of industry that was coming.

In his opinion, giving economic support (basically, printing money) to the disastrous bank accounts instead of boosting the real economy in an endless number of sectors that ordinary people actually live on was the first blunder. . The second disaster came when the banks managed, paradoxically, to concentrate their efforts on refloating the construction sector and the private debt ended up again directing the speculative economy. In fact, the sector that has grown the most since 2008 in the UK is the financial services sector. Third big mistake.

With these three keys, the author hopelessly predicts a new economic crash and explains how it will happen. Although the analysis it gives us is a bit for mass consumption and leaves out many other issues, it has an important component of reality and helps us understand the relationships between different variables. In addition, the parallelism with what has happened in the euro zone is not lost on us either.