Auzo Factory is a project of new urban spaces, created from the regeneration of old spaces in disuse, which aim to attract creativity and coexistence between citizens, associations, entrepreneurs and companies.

These spaces offer business projects coworking spaces, closed modules and common spaces equipped with the purpose of strengthening and supporting their start-up and consolidation.

The aim of the Auzo Factory is to “boost the creation of economic activity in the neighbourhoods, promoting business opportunities in knowledge and technology, using new urban spaces with a mix of uses and users and combining the promotion of socio-cultural and community activities with the promotion of business activities”. The idea is also to consolidate these spaces as reference points for creativity and coexistence.

The project currently consists of four Auzo Factorys:

  • Auzo Factory Irazabal-Matiko, aimed at digital economy and entrepreneurship projects.
  • Auzo Factory Rekalde, oriented towards projects and activities related to free software and hardware, innovation and open technologies, and Open Data.
  • Auzo Factory Cantera, aimed at projects related to the leisure, culture and business services sector. It also has a WIKITOKI social, cultural, economic and political R&D laboratory.
  • Auzo Factory Boluetabarri, aimed at digital or technology-based entrepreneurial projects.

In this way, the project takes advantage of old, disused spaces in Bilbao to create new spaces that encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of business projects that can have a positive impact on local citizens.