285835148_dfe47e1a43The news of the Rise in revenue for DemandMedia, best known exponent of Content Farm in the world has surprised many. Not surprisingly, Google had reacted to this threat by integrating algorithms to penalize to these so-called farms.

It seems that Google’s attempts to reduce the popularity of DemandMedia’s content have not yielded the expected results. The news is heartbreaking for many. For Internet sites that have opted for the quality of their content; for traditional newspapers that cannot find a model for valid business since the Web arrived (neither inside nor outside it), also for the thousands of journalists, bloggers and analysts who try to make their voices heard in the noise of the Web. This news means that there is more noise on the web and that this noise prevails in search engines over quality.

Let’s not forget that Google accounts for 68% of Internet searches. Like all monopolies, Google’s in search engines undoubtedly has many disadvantages: we are slaves to both its benefits and its limitations. In this context, in which there is talk of the loss of relevance of the search engine, very different alternatives arise: it is the so-called “Social Web”. In marketing, the groupon model also stands up to Google adWords. The trend seems to indicate that we will increasingly trust the links on our social networks and less on Google, or so it seems. Unless Google strikes back again.