Barcelona bets on wood construction infopost.jpg

The Municipal Housing Board of Barcelona has opted for wooden construction and has promoted the project that will build 46 social apartments in said material, according to El País. The houses, designed by the Roldán-Berengué architects, will be built in the Sant Andreu district, in the industrial area of ​​the old Fabra i Coats.

The architect Mercè Berengué defends that, in addition to the “organic origin” of the material and the energy efficiency it provides, it was important “to touch the existing building [the old factory] as little as possible”, so they studied the lightest system. Wood construction provides greater thermal insulation, and therefore lower energy consumption, in addition to giving rise to greater flexibility if it were decided to dismantle the building; causes less impact.

In recent times, outstanding wooden buildings have already been built in Barcelona, ​​from a five-story house in Gracià to a municipal facility, including a tourist apartment building in Poble-sec. And there are also two other projects underway: a building for four families in Sants, and the Can Batlló housing cooperative, of 28 plants.