Berlin a bike path under the rail line infopost

We have come across a good idea for the recovery of underused urban space. A group of four architects, an urban planner, a cultural manager, a cultural entrepreneur and a public relations expert have come up with the project Radbahn for Berlin, a project that would create a nine-kilometre-long bike path under the U1 elevated rail line. The cycle path would thus cross the German capital, from the Zoological Garden metro station in the west of the city, to Warschaer Strasse in the east.

The U1 line, with 120 years of history, is one of the icons of the city, but below the line there is a space that is not used, except for car parking at some points. The project has seen the potential of creating a cycle path sheltered from rain and snow in this space, without the need to carry out works more than 20% of the way. The concept is based on the idea that more people would travel by bike daily with safe, comfortable and accessible infrastructures. Beyond the practical and environmental objectives, those responsible for the project claim that they want to promote the creative spirit of Berlin and advance the debate on bicycle mobility in the city.

The road would be protected by curtains of vegetation that would act as an acoustic filter. Several advanced technologies would be included: traffic lights would be able to detect and prioritize cyclists at intersections, it would notify cyclists if it is worth speeding up or if it is better to slow down for uninterrupted pedaling, and the power for the light would come from from the friction of cyclists on a pressure sensitive surface. The proposal includes recreational spaces such as a cafeteria and a bar to rest on the journey, as well as service stations for small repairs such as inflating the tires, at no cost.