Bilbao City Council will be a pioneer in the State in using blockchain technology. On October 30, it published the opening of a public tender for the development of a decentralized blockchain network. It will be used, specifically, for the Electronic Registry of Power of Attorney, so that the different administrations will be able to share and exchange information on power of attorney, helping to safeguard citizen information in a “more safe” and protecting itself against attacks or alterations.

According to the conditions of the tender, the network developed must be interoperable with the blockchain platform already launched by EJIE, the computer society of the Basque Government.

Blockchain, the next “revolution” of the that has been talked about for a while, is a technology that would solve the problem of authenticating ourselves on the Internet without the need for a third party to certify our identity. It is a decentralized, immutable, digital event record or “ledger” system that allows users to transact securely, eliminating the imperative need for a trustworthyauthority to manage and store the data, such as a notary or a bank. An information registry system based on distributed consensus, which promises to have possible applications in many sectors.

Blockchain technology was one of the prominent topics in the third edition of Bilbao Tech Week, an event held between November 7 and 10: