EESB20This week we received the publication of the Bizkaia Sustainable Energy Strategy (EESB 2020) approved by the Provincial Council. A political commitment in which a series of objectives and lines of work in terms of energy saving and efficiency are bravely addressed, as well as the promotion of renewables oriented both to the management of the foral administration and to the public and private agents that operate in Bizkaia related to housing, mobility or economic activity.

The sustainability model sponsored by the EESB 2020 is a multi-year process. It marks the way forward and the way to overcome the contradictions and incompatibilities that some energy projects and our model of society still give rise to.

From here we encourage the Provincial Council to socialize the initiative and to co-lead its implementation process together with the rest of the agents involved. Basque society needs to deepen its sustainable vocation and strategic planning tools such as the one presented now are very necessary to join efforts.

The credibility and effectiveness of this Strategy will be measured by the courage to want to develop it and also by the ability to arouse adhesions and commitments. Having a good strategic document that guides political action is the best start. Now is the time to socialize, convince and dare to manage it.

In any case, it is a step in the right direction.

We leave you the link to the published document.