Thanks to ADEGI, the Gipuzkoa Business Association, We present this video on business techniques. In it, a general director of a company with 70 workers informs us about the cultural changes that he has had to make due to the bad results that the times we live in have caused him.

In the opinion of this SME, the objective of the changes is to involve the workers in order to be more competitive with what they have. It is very important that all the workers row in the same direction and that the higher positions are transparent, especially in terms of results.

According to the director, it is necessary to inform and place trust in all the workers of the company so that later that trust is returned. With the latter we will avoid disappointment and we will ensure that what is achieved is what was said or promised. Finally, it is important that all work teams participate actively in the management of the company. Chatting with workers about their situation and their wishes or options for the future is really effective when it comes to getting everyone involved.