Chile obtains solar energy to give away infopost

Solar energy has reached such expansion in Chile that electricity prices have fallen to zero in some parts of the country, for 113 days until last April, according to Bloomberg< /em>. The flourishing of the mining industry and economic growth in northern Chile led to the commitment to install 29 solar farms in the Atacama desert area, with another 15 in the pipeline. However, after the global collapse of raw materials, the necessary infrastructures do not exist to distribute the excess electricity to other areas of the country – bad news for investors.

Given this problem, in order not to discourage investment, the Chilean government plans to invest in infrastructure that connects the central and northern power grids, and in improving the congestion problem in certain areas of the northern grid.

Chile’s solar power capacity has quadrupled from 770 megawatts in 2013. The Andean country is expected to install almost 1.4 gigawatts of solar power this year, up from 371 megawatts installed in 2015.