CO2 emissions by country textoChina: 25.36%, United States: 14.4%, European Union: 10.16%, India: 6.96%, Russia: 5.36 %, Japan: 3.11%, Brazil: 2.4%, Indonesia: 1.76%, Mexico: 1.67%, Iran: 1.65%.

This is the Top 10 CO2 emitting countries. Together they accumulate 73% of the planet’s emissions. It would then seem simple to tackle the problem of Climate Change. It would only be necessary to force these countries to eliminate their emissions or to reduce them drastically. but these countries are also the ones that produce and concentrate an even greater percentage of the planet’s wealth. The higher the GDP, the higher the emissions, with the emerging countries being the ones that proportionally emit much more. At higher levels of development, less polluting industries and higher levels of sensitivity and environmental regulation.

The World Resources Institute makes a magnificent infographic of the ranking of countries that emit more Co2 into the atmosphere. It also divides them by sectors (agriculture, industry, energy). The data is drawn from its rich database WRI’s CAIT Climate Data Explorer,