Today we leave you with VICOMTECH- IK4, in which they describe the results of a research carried out together with eMedica and the Biodonostia Institute and which consists of the creation of an innovative system capable of designing and manufacturing personalized abdominal aorta prostheses called eVida.

The aortic aneurysm consists of a dilation and progressive weakening of the walls of the aorta, the most important artery, since it is the one that distributes blood from the heart to the rest of the human body. The usual treatment consists of introducing a stent through the femoral artery. However, to the extent that the aneurysm affects a greater extension of the artery or that fixation is not anatomically possible at certain points, another type of prosthesis is necessary.

That is where eVida comes in, since it allows the endoprosthesis design process to be accelerated and contributes to reducing both errors and risks that can be incurred during the intervention.