The growing population of London has led to squeeze ideas and imagination to the maximum in order to build an eco-friendly city in which it is also possible to circulate fluidly. Traffic congestion and crowded pedestrian areas mean that many people avoid taking their bikes to get around the big city. The youtube channel GenslerTV shares his vision on how to manage space and order cities through the initiative of the London Underground. The idea of ​​the London Underground is to create cycle and pedestrian lanes on the subway lines in order to take advantage of unused infrastructure and achieve not only a reduction in CO2 emissions but also in transaction costs represented in time. Traveling by bike or on foot on the metro lines would be cheaper, more time-efficient and more sustainable than taking a taxi. The proposal has been awarded the Best Conceptual Project prize given at the London Planning Awards. Undoubtedly, a very good proposal in a city where going to work can become a real ordeal and that is that we all need to have our free time and not spend it going to work.