The wind is capable of supplying the electricity demand of an entire country, and Denmark witnessed it last Wednesday, February 22, the day in which the Nordic country covered and exceeded (104%) all its electricity needs thanks to the energy generated in its onshore and offshore wind farms. According to data from the sectoral organization WindEurope collected by Inhabitat, the wind energy produced by Denmark was enough to power 10 million homes in the European Union.

Already in 2015, the Nordic country experienced several similar days in terms of wind energy production, and after a more discreet 2016 due to lower winds, the year 2017 has started to stand out. Denmark is the leader in the European Union and in the world in wind generation, but the good records recorded on February 22 also in neighboring Germany (52% of demand) and Ireland (42% of demand) allowed wind energy to supplied 18.8% of the EU demand, the equivalent of more than 180 million homes.

The WindEurope web tool allows you to track the daily wind energy production of each EU country .