Developing solutions to store renewable energy infopost

A few days ago we talked about how a study in Frankfurt School pointed out the need to adapt the electricity grid to renewable energy sources: the variability in production makes it necessary to develop solutions to store excess energy generated and to be able to provide energy when the wind does not blow or the sun does not shine. . Now we have learned through the SPRI that the firm Ingeteam, with headquarters in the Zamudio Technology Park, has launched a renewable energy storage service in the European Commission Joint Research Center for Energy and Transport, established in the Dutch city of Petten, after receiving the award through public tender.

The award includes the supply, installation and maintenance of a storage laboratory. It is a 20-foot laboratory that, being mobile, can be transported by road or ship like a container, and simplifies assembly and installation work. The laboratory will give rise to the analysis, with a real system instead of simulations, of the viability of the energy storage systems that are developed in the coming years.