The transformation of cities through the establishment of ecosystems in which companies, entrepreneurship, students and community interact is gaining outstanding examples in cities and territories of reference around the world, also in Latin America, with the V21 District in the Chilean city of Viña del Mar.

Located in the El Salto neighbourhood of Viña del Mar, Distrito V21 is a space of more than 200 hectares where businesses, educational institutions, public services, municipal infrastructures and green areas, such as the National Botanical Garden, cohabit.

This is an initiative that, driven by a group of entrepreneurs and relevant agents of the Valparaíso Region, aims to transform the economy and the city by building a collaborative environment for the generation of opportunities.

It also has a collaborative network, called Network CIN V21, which brings together companies, universities, technology centres, startups and other organisations in the V21 District. This alliance works through the Open Innovation methodology to promote innovation in companies and society, thus generating new economic activity in the region. 

The V21 also promotes the pedestrianised “15-minute city” model, which allows people in the district to live, work, study and access different services without the need for long journeys.