naider_f-8 (Custom)A few weeks ago I was on Rodolfo Carpintier’s blog on post “Cool doesn’t always mean business” talking about the hundreds of cool apps being developed for Android and/or iPhone that don’t generate business. From a broader point of view, the question of discerning between “cool” and a real business opportunity has always interested me enormously. As a consultant I have been able to observe that many projects are actually launched because they are about “fashionable” technologies, markets or sectors and not so much because there is real business potential in them.

In this sense, it is interesting to know the Gartner methodological tool Hype Cycle., which last year produced the following results:

Without intending to be exhaustive, it is curious to look at the top of the peak of expectation. Last year Gartner placed there technologies such as Internet TV, Private Cloud Computing, Cloud Web Platforms, Media Tablets and augmented reality. From my opinion, we could say that many of these technologies have taken a very important step towards productivity, although it is true that they have not yet reached the market extensively.

But the question is: how many technologies reach extremely high expectations only to fade away without actually reaching the market?