Upside Down WorldAfter the converted decision of the Spanish Treasury to introduce taxation for severance pay and to plan in its tax reform a minimum exemption of 2,000 euros; the entity itself has initiated a series of contacts with various social agents to press opinions on it.

It is expected that this collection of opinions will close this month, a necessary milestone so that in January 2015 it can be processed and sent to the Congress of Deputies. The Secretary of State for the Treasury, Miguel Ferre, has stressed that the different positions are going to be listened to, but that he understands that “if you are taxed for unemployment benefit, why don’t you pay severance pay?”

Based on these statements, we could say that the Ministry of Finance is very far from social reality and what a dismissal situation implies, especially at present, where the uncertainty of recovery of employment and income is very high. We hope that they not only listen but also take into account the opinions of the different social actors in our country.