mh_hr1Via Design Probes, Phillips imagines what the future of cooking and our diet.Expanding the concept of eco-innovation, beyond life cycle analysis, home automation or environmental technologies, It investigates how a symbiotic home could be set up in which waste is reused as a source of energy and fertilizer or how to create a domestic environment that favors self-consumption of food. It is about, among other issues, taking the concept of industrial ecosystem, on a large scale, and transfer it to the idea of ​​domestic ecosystem< /strong>. Undoubtedly very attractive concepts and initiatives that in the not too distant horizon could be incorporated into our daily routine. Some of the ideas developed by Phillips in the projectMicrobial Home are as follows:

Self-sufficient kitchen. Bio-digester island or how to use waste as an energy source. It is the central element of the home designed by Phillips. It is a kitchen that generates energy through the combustion of bio-gas (methane) that is obtained from bathroom waste and from the vegetables used in the kitchen. The remains that remain in the digester of organic matter can be used as compost. With this designcooking is definitely becomes one of the most sustainable activities we can do…

The active pantry. Recovering the traditional pantry concept, different micro-spaces are configured for the optimal conservation of fresh food, also taking into account that a large part of this food will come from the local environment. Therefore, according to Phillips, the design of this element may vary depending on the geographical location.

Urban hive. That is, a hive at home. We obtain honey while contributing to the conservation of bees, essential for the pollination of numerous plant species, many of them for regular consumption.

Domestic micro farm . Related to the idea of ​​urban farms, this idea contemplates different ecosystems, dependent on each other, which in our own house supply us with fish, shellfish, algae and other vegetables for family self-consumption . This concept comes from another Phillips project, FOOD, from which they are developing ideas as interesting as the food printer or multisensory gastronomy.

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