4316049228_2bf03d7639We’ve almost just launched our brand new set-top boxes and you may DTT will soon become obsolete. Let’s say, at least, that it is highly unlikely that DTT technology will maintain its popularity for as long as analogue television: Internet TV is stalking it. When the success of Internet TV will come has so far been a big puzzle as streaming technology and telecommunications infrastructures are not yet mature enough. However, not much time remains and movements such as those of Google TV bear witness to this.

No matter how many benefits you want to see in DTT, the truth is that the user’s television experience is minimally altered. Most people keep asking themselves: “and what is this DTT good for?” It is true that DTT allows a greater number of channels and an improvement in image and sound quality, but progress in interactivity and content supply is quite limited.

On the contrary, the arrival of Internet television will completely modify the way of consuming television, the viewer’s experience, providing totally differential advantages. Here are some of the main advantages of Internet TV:

– On-demand access to a new universe of content. The digitization of content will mean that any programme, any series and any movie, in any language, can be consumed at any time on the Internet, moreover, probably for free. Not only will we be able to access programs from Spain, but from all over the world: CNN as Americans see it or the latest news fromBollywood in original version if we wish.

– The greater richness of the platform will also allow us to watch other content in the form of text, audio or images simultaneously.

– We will have full control over the reproduction of the content, being able to stop, go back, advance or freeze the image at any time.

– Free distribution of content: for now, and if no one prevents it, anyone can upload their videos on the internet and start a series. In fact, we already have some hits in Spain like malviviendo.

– Availability of content on multiple devices. We will no longer need an old television to see the contents. We can consume them on our mobiles, iPhones, tablets, PCs, laptops…

– Ubiquity: Internet is increasingly available anywhere, thanks to technologies such as Wi-Fi or 3G. We will be able to continue watching our favorite series on the Internet, on the beach or in Istanbul.

The user, this time for real, becomes an active part of the TV. For all these reasons, DTT may not be more than a sailing ship effect . An old paradigm that tries to reinvent itself so as not to succumb to the arrival of a totally disruptive model, which will change to most of the agents. Because, what role do the current TV channels have in the Internet TV model?

It seems clear that succulent opportunities will appear in this change of model and Google TV intends to be a key player in them. New products and services, devices that allow great interactivity from the armchair in the living room, new formats, etc. In all this new universe, Google TV will surely bet on the juicy business of advertising.

The million dollar question about Internet TV is when. Many have gone ahead and not all have had the strength to endure the wait. The model is not yet clear and is certainly a risky bet (Mobuzz TV) . But when the technology is ready I bet we will all watch Internet TV from our living room; or from the beach.

Image Creative Commons thanks to Ferminius.