3702176604_219c75b211Yes, you heard correctly: I said FRA-CA-SO. A taboo word in this country for many entrepreneurs and businessmen. We are already tired of hearing and repeating that one of the keys to success in Silicon Valley is the appreciation of failure as another experience in the life of an entrepreneur, but the reality is that few in Spain dare to talk about their own mistakes.

Well, this is what three entrepreneurs did: Angel Colomina, Javier Reguera and Alejandro Rodríguez Carmona on February 15 at the Miempresa show in Madrid, in a very interesting round table in which, for once, we saw Spanish businessmen accepting their mistakes. , exposing them and giving an enormously valuable lesson in humility.

And not only that, because they also taught us many other things. They told us about the importance of choosing partners well; thinking twice about the 3Fs (family, fools and friends); not to take money from the first investor that comes along; knowing how to lock down a business before things get too bad; of not being afraid to take risks; looking for people to support you and advise you on a project; to collaborate with other entrepreneurs; and of course, how tough the banks are.

I don’t know if it’s true that you learn more from failures than from successes, but of course, these entrepreneurs exhibited a good dose of self-criticism and experience. Congratulations to these three entrepreneurs for their interventions and to the moderator, Alejandro Vesga, for the successful management of the table.

Creative Commons image via Flickr from Notsogoodphotography.