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The ‘startup’ Boletus, which aims to boost traditional commerce and hospitality through a free mobile application, has just completed its first round of financing for an amount of 450,000 euros. The operation, advised by the M&A department of the Firm of lawyers Lawesome Legal Services, has been carried out in two phases and involves assessing the Basque company at around of 1.7 million euros. The first phase focuses on a participatory loan for an amount of 150,000 euros granted by Seed Capital Bizkaia, venture capital firm dependent on the Bizkaia Provincial Council, the second phase is a round of financing that began in May and which allowed the Basque startup to raise funds for another 300,000 euros, an amount aimed at boosting its national expansion.

Boletus is a free and non-invasive or intrusive application for iPhone and Android mobile devices. It allows users to see, in real time, different advantages and offers proposed by businesses and hospitality and leisure firms in their area and access their purchase at the location that has launched the offer in question.