Industry-4.0Time passes us it brings something more than new products and services to the market, times change and companies do so hand in hand; personal relationships between bosses and employees have long ceased to shine due to their rigidity and “modern” business models are taking up space in offices in the Basque Country.

The same occurs with the so-called Industry 4.0 (a term recently coined by the German government) also called “smart industry”; a new organizational model of the means of production based on process automation, data analysis and the interconnection between the different departments of the company.

This progress could mean a qualitative leap for many Basque companies specialized in the industry and therefore for the Basque economy in general.

Since April 2014, the Basque government has been promoting this type of integration in companies through the “Vanguard” program, a program that brings together the 15 European regions whose objective is to defend new growth through of smart specialization.