GDPThe latest economists without borders opens the debate on the importance that this society contributes to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product, it is not a question of devaluing its utility but simply to observe what this indicator really indicates to us; the monetary value that a country is capable of producing in goods and services in a certain period of time, whether in medicines for the sick or in packets of tobacco.

It is true that the economic growth of any country requires an objective and quantitative tool for its measurement, but as documents in the article, it is not necessary to go further, this indicator is not capable of measuring the fairness, happiness or well-being of a society, although it may give clues.

At Naider we are committed to sustainable, fair and supportive societies and that is why we advocate meters that can express, as far as possible, these concepts, without hiding behind others such as GDP that more effectively measure the well-being of a few only.