The German economy is one of the pioneers in innovation. GTA, the German company foreign economy and location marketing, exposes several of the country’s innovations that are already underway in the business world.

The first thing that is presented are the robots with sensors that provide security by detecting breaks in train tracks. The bridges are another infrastructure to which they provide security and there are already 100 copies in operation, one of them between the tunnel between Germany and France.

Within the company we are presented with an innovative business model carried out in Germany. There is hardly any distance between the development department and the production department with the goal that new products come out more frequently and faster. This makes the adaptation of the company to the market greater since progress and not stagnating is the order of the day in today’s business world.

The building of this business model is built in such a way that communication between all the components of the company is continuous and close, prioritizing face to face. This environment causes a greater number of opinions and ideas, thus improving the creativity and efficiency of the company. It offers transparency between different positions in the company and enables the positioning of small and medium-sized companies in the global market.

Despite needing a lot of improvement, Europe is at the forefront of business innovation. Proof of this is the German car brand Volkswagen, one of the leaders in global market research that in 2013 invested 10.9 billion dollars in R&D.

Finally, an intelligent production system known as is exposed. Industry 4.0. This advanced manufacturing process consists of making use of the Internet and state-of-the-art technologies to develop production chains that are much better connected to each other, which allow failures to be detected quickly and allow better care for the environment.