google classicAfter the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which upheld the “right to be forgotten” of the search engines, the search engine of the search engines, Google has received more than 70,000 requests. The five countries whose citizens have made the most requests are Germany (12,678), France (14,086), the United Kingdom (8,497), Spain (6,176) and Italy (5,934).

The “right to be forgotten” has meant a revolution, and a before and after when it comes to guaranteeing the intimacy and privacy of citizens. In view of the numbers, we could say that users are not really aware of the amount of data and information that Google stores about our people, information with which it also trades.

Google’s “forgetting” should be automatic, not a mechanism based on the person’s request and which, furthermore, by Google has become a long and cumbersome process since they weigh each request individually, deciding if the information is effectively inadequate, irrelevant, outdated and excessive. The power over the information of each individual remains in their hands.