Google proposes to map the interior of infopost buildings

Google Maps already offers us maps to travel the world, but the digital giant wants to expand the maps inside buildings, and recreate them in 3D with high resolution, so that it can be applied in virtual reality, through the project Tango. Tango combines cameras and depth sensors with software on Android smartphones and tablets, and by launching the app and pointing at a space, it is able to digitally recreate it.

Tango started two years ago in a research lab, but according to Bloomberg, Google intends to make it popular starting this year and be used by independent developers for Create virtual reality applications and services. For example, for a museum app to show 3D animations when going through an exhibition or for a supermarket to highlight sale items. It appears that they are currently working on making the generated 3D maps shareable so Google can assemble them into a single representation of the world’s buildings and businesses, and what’s inside.

Regarding other emerging virtual reality systems, Talgo does not need external equipment to digitally recreate the world, and unlike Google Maps, it can resolve the details of a space without additional sources of information.