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The regular delivery of packages by autonomous drones is a little closer, and a latest trailer highlights it. The first parcel delivery at home in urban areas, with drones not manually operated by humans, has been carried out in the city of Hawthorne, Nevada, USA. The action has been carried out by the specialized startup Flirtey in collaboration with the University of Nevada. The delivery has had the permission of the federal authorities, which is a reflection of one of the main obstacles companies have to implement drone messaging on a regular basis, the legislation regarding unmanned aircraft.

The drone, which flew autonomously but supervised by a pilot in case of an emergency, traveled a distance of eight hundred meters on March 10 to an uninhabited house, where it left a package on the porch using a rope.< /h3>

In this case, an independent startup was the protagonist of the milestone, but large companies such as Amazon and Google have been exploring the delivery of goods with drones for years. Amazon has previously tested drone delivery in Canada and the Netherlands.