17_09_2012Today, Estíbaliz is an expert in reconciling sustainability and office work , reminding us that it is the European Week for Sustainable Mobility, sends us the following idea:

IDEA FOR THE BASQUE COUNTRY #12:Local, regional and state governments come together to put an end to the current mobility policy that rewards and favors the circulation of cars as the main mode of urban transport, and to begin to think in new sustainable forms of mobility for our present. I join the requests of Ecologistas en Acción which I am going to list

  • A Sustainable Mobility Plan
  • Strict speed control.
  • The traffic calming in the city, with “30 zones” (where it is not allowed to exceed 30 km/h) that allow the coexistence of different street users, giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A territorial design that distributes activities preventing the continuous increase in distances.
  • Interconnected public transport plans and their accessibility, which allow the combination of bicycles.
  • Implementation of a Basic Network of Bike Lanes and maintenanceof the existing ones.
  • Application of legislation on Air Quality.
  • Strict noise control, by applying the Noise Mapand updating it.