image ( 21)Our political expert technology, Iñaki Barredo, sends us the following idea that he has called: 3I Fund for the promotion of the International Innovative Industry.

IDEA FOR THE BASQUE COUNTRY#13: The idea is based on defining a great public priority for the coming years around the promotion of an innovative industry in the Basque Country and providing the necessary funds to carry out specific investment projects that create activity and qualified employment.

Specifically, the proposal is to create a public-private fund of around 200 million euros to invest in innovative business projects: new companies, companies that have development plans based on technological or non-technological innovation and companies that want to expand their business internationally. business.
Contributions to the fund would come from companies and public bodies:

  • Companies that contribute an amount based on a triple dividend: the profitability of the fund that will be professionally managed, a tax credit to be applied for a percentage of their contribution (let’s say 75%) that will be applied in their tax returns societies in the next 10 years and, finally, a public recognition of their social responsibility based on their contribution.
  • Public Administrations undertake to contribute to the fund an amount equal to that contributed by the private initiative.

The management of the fund would be in the hands of a public-private partnership formed by the contributors and would be professionally managed based on the quality and innovative orientation of the projects.